Photo Panel

The photo panel is the area that allows you to work with a single photo by editing preferences, making edits or using the crop tool.

Photo Preferences

This is the section where you can change the options of the photo, from the body preferences to the processing settings, the default values are inherited from the values you have adjusted in the Settings page.

Preferences Mode

Allows you to increase or decrease the number of options available depending on your style or experience using the application.

  • Minimal: Only the body preferences are shown, all other options will be set to make the process as automatic as possible.
  • Simple: Same as Minimal but you can change the Scale method.
  • Normal: All options available, this is the original DreamTime experience.
  • Custom masks: Advanced mode that requires experience and time. In this mode you will work with the masks generated by the algorithm making manual modifications to each one of them, this allows to drastically improve the quality of the fake nude if it is done correctly. More information here.
    • The Nudify or Start buttons are disabled for the photo since the masks must be generated one by one.
    • The Per run preferences are disabled.

Scale method

This option changes the method that will be used to scale the photo to a size that the algorithm feels comfortable working with, this size by default is 512x512 although it can be changed by the advanced Image size option.

  • None: The algorithm will be forced to process the photo using an approximation of its original size. Please note that this option can considerably increase memory consumption and return worse results.
  • Automatic Resize: The algorithm will resize the photo without maintaining the aspect ratio.
  • Automatic Padding: The algorithm will resize the photo while maintaining the aspect ratio.
  • Automatic Crop: The algorithm will crop the photo while maintaining the aspect ratio.
  • Overlay, Crop, Color padding: It shows a tool for manual scaling. More information below.

Examples of the automatic methods:

Automatic Resize:

Automatic Padding:

Automatic Crop:

X-Rays Effect

When activated, it allows to use a tool to create an X-Rays effect on the fake nude, this is achieved by placing the photo with clothes on top with a customizable transparency strength.

This tool can improve the perception of the fake nudes but has the following limitations:

  • This tool may decrease the quality of some photos.
  • The size of the photo with this effect will be 512x512 regardless of whether Waifu2X is activated.
  • Having the experimental option Color Transfer activated may reduce the quality by having different colors.
  • The photo must be saved manually.

Per run

The runs are the number of times the photo will be nudified using random or increased body preferences, this way you can get different results with just one click.

For example, if you set that you want 5 runs with random preferences you will get 5 fake nudes from the same photo with different sized tits, nipples, etc. In the body preferences you can set additional options such as disabling randomness in certain body parts or the randomness range.


Here are the options that generally should not be touched unless you want to experiment.

  • Device: It allows you to change the device to be used for nudification on that photo only. This option is here because it can be useful in case you want to experiment with the Image size option and your GPU does not have enough VRAM.
  • Compression level: A high level of compression sacrifices quality for less memory consumption. (Probably only a few bytes)


  • Color transfer: Uses an experimental algorithm that tries to transfer the colors of the original photo to the fake nude. (A good result is not always achieved)
  • Visual Artifacts Inpaint: Apply an experimental code on the fake nude that tries to remove the visual artifacts that occur in the vagina. Better results are achieved with a vagina size smaller than x1 and pubic hair size of x0.

Image size

Sets the internal size of the photo that the algorithm will accept.

Keep in mind that the AI has been trained with 512x512 photos, this means that setting any other size will confuse the algorithm and therefore you should expect lower quality results.

Below are examples of the same photo with the same preferences except for the image size:


512x512 (Ideal):





A basic photo editor to make adjustments before nudification.

  • Draw. Freely or in a straight line, you can change the color of the brush.
  • Shape. Draw rectangles, circles and triangles, you can select the color of the border and the fill.
  • Flip. Flip the photo horizontally or vertically.
  • Rotate. Rotate the photo in 30-degree shifts.
  • Filter. Adds filters that can improve the quality of the photo.
  • Mask. Add a mask to the photo, you can select some image of your computer as a mask.
  • This tool may decrease the quality of some photos.
  • In case of using the Crop, Overlay or Color padding Tool it is necessary to click on the Reload button to get the changes from the editor.


This tool is available when selecting Crop in the Scale method preference.

Allows you to crop the photo manually. (Like in DeepNude) The area of the photo that remains within the blue border will be cropped.

  • Click and drag to move the position of the photo.
  • Use the mouse wheel to increase or decrease the zoom.

Users have reported that the position of the crop is important, moving it a few pixels may be enough to drastically change the fake nude.


This tool may decrease the quality of some photos.


This tool is available when selecting Overlay in the Scale method preference.

Allows you to select which area of the photo you want to crop, nudify and then restore to the original photo. This tool makes the photos keep their original size.

For example, by using the overlay in the above photo you will get this result:


This tool may decrease the quality of some photos.

Color Padding

This tool is available when selecting Color padding in the Scale method preference.

This tool tricks the algorithm into avoiding the color change that occurs during nudification but sacrificing photo and fake nude quality.

For it to work you must place the photo so that it is a little black and white on the sides as shown in the photo above.


This tool may decrease the quality of some photos.